History & vision

Our project in Catalonia is the expansion of an eco-community project initiated some twenty years ago in Peru. We work together on a basis of the same structural and philosophical vision of life, commonly known as the Sacred Wheel.

By observing nature and its ecosystems we see that nothing functions separately. For example, bodily organs do not function independently but in complementarity, serving the identity that includes them all: the body.

This is why we are learning to live together, emphasising the group dynamic that reveals the particular potential of each person in their unique position. We have been working for several years to awaken this consciousness, seeing that our differences are not conflictual but complementary.

As such, the Cooperative’s activities participate in the ecological and social transition that is much needed, for a global change in our ways of functioning, to sustain a realignment with Nature.

Our activities

The Cooperative is developing 3 major sectors: agriculture, food production, and eco-construction.


Agriculture is at the heart of our project. We see it in the sense of regaining autonomy, in food that is both locally-sourced and healthy. By observing nature and its systems of functioning, we are constantly improving our cultivation methods, aiming for productive agriculture that also benefits micro-organisms and soil regeneration.

Our activities include horticulture, beekeeping, fruit production, and a plan to grow cereals with the help of animal traction.

Food production and fermented beverages

We see the importance of producing healthy and high-quality food. Thus we want to promote the virtues of vegetarian cooking through our catering service, using seasonal products from our garden.

We offer a range of vegetarian and vegan desserts primarily made with ingredients from local producers. We also produce artisanal Kombucha using local and seasonal medicinal plants.

It is also a way for us to support a local economy, and to develop an exchange of products and services.


We see the need for a simple way of living, one that is accessible to the general public and that is integrated within its environment.

In an effort to promote this mode of living, we will be offering yurt construction workshops starting in January 2022.

Cooperative members



Administration / communication / weaving

Osteopath by profession



Food production / Communication / Economy

Project manager by profession and passionate pastry chef



Kombucha / Food production / Agriculture

Trained cook and entrepreneur, passionate about nature and hiking



Coordination / Weaving / Beekeeping / Administration

Former miller and industrial designer by profession

12 years living in this collective, 10 years in Peru and 2 years in Catalonia



Economy / Kombucha production / Eco-construction / Land development

Animal osteopath by training, motivated by natural medicines



Agriculture / Communication / Digital infrastructure / Land development

Computer scientist by profession



Eco-construction / Land development

Carpenter by trade, contemporary yurt builder for 15 years